Visiting Where I Grew Up

Showing Schloss Horneck and a dark blue night sky

The upcoming celebration for my nephew Lukas’ first day at school drew me back to Gundelsheim (Neckar). A quite challenging task as I traveled by train and am totally not okay with the mask-mandates on the public transport in Dumbfuckistan (aka Germany).

Nonetheless I chose to come. Here are some evening-walk impressions:

Walking through the vineyards (Weinberge)
Sunset behind Burg Guttenberg.
Visiting the Schloss Horneck in Gundelsheim.
New fountain in my father’s garden. If you come back every year or two you do notice the changes ๐Ÿ˜‰
Beautiful horse trailer at the RVG horse riding club, Gundelsheim.

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